Your Hosts


Traffic is kept out so strolling around is great fun in Staufen: 180 small shops, cobble stone, the view up to the castle-ruins towering above vineyards makes great photographs. Borders to France and Switzerland very close and so is Black Forest. Our apartments may not be as spacious as in Texas – but you will not miss much (perhaps the ice-crusher?). But you will find a well-chilled glass (or bottle) of excellent wine here around every corner. Comfortable bedding, storage for bicycles, a garden with apple-, cherry-and peach trees – and you have from most windows as well as from the deck in the far corner of the garden “CASTLE-VIEW” (illuminated until 11.00 p.m).

Let’s be brief here: parking-lots in charming, medieval towns are a gem – and we have 5 to offer, right next to your apartment. No carrying luggage for 200 meters, no underground and swetting up long flights of staircases!

NOISE? Yes: birds in spring, bells from the church-tower close by – that’s it.

We hope this doesn’t sound arrogant: CLASS rather than MASS.RAS_Movie-Icon.png

Your hosts,
Martina & Volker Schimkat